It fosters more efficient use of natural resources through scientific and technological advances in the production cycle. It makes an active contribution to sustainable, ecological growth.

Circular economy

A sustainable development model in which materials go back to the production cycle by being reused, recovered or recycled. The circular economy has an environmental impact because it reduces use of raw materials, a social impact because it improves and prolongs relations with different partners and an economic impact because it helps to reduce costs and create jobs.

Packaging waste

Packaging is made to contain, protect, move, handle, deliver and display goods, which may be raw materials or manufactured products, from the producer to the final consumer.

Startups accelerators

These are company incubators that support the creation of businesses. Their support takes the form of training, mentoring, funding and networking, among others.

Waste from other material flows

Batteries, electrical and electronic equipment, hospital waste, used cooking oil, used tyres, construction and demolition waste.