Over 1.200 students and teachers involved in Projeto 80

Project 80, an awareness program for sustainability, social entrepreneurship and associativism, has already involved more than 1.200 students and teachers in the activities in favor of environmental and civic education, in just three weeks.

More than 50 projects and initiatives that promote sustainability, social entrepreneurship, green economy and active citizenship have already been presented in the “Fixe Tank” dynamic, an incubator where young people share and build their ideas together with P80 jury.

Project 80 has the support of Sociedade Ponto Verde, MOCHE, Amb3E, Luso Fruta and Intra_Rail. Its objective is to train and encourage Portuguese youngsters, between the ages of 13 and 17, to actively discuss, create and act on the communities in which they live.

“RIRciclar Stories” is the dynamic presented by Sociedade Ponto Verde, which, through humor, promotes young people’s awareness to the importance of recycling packaging waste as everyday habits.

This project is a joint initiative from the Portuguese Environment Agency, the Directorate-General for Education, the Directorate-General for Schools, the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, Quercus and Green Project Awards, with the support of the Portuguese Republic.

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