Project name: O2W

Field: Technology for the upcylcing of domestic oil waste to decorative candles.


Project name: GreenBin

Field: Volumetric reading sensors for undifferentiated and differentiated waste containers.


Project name: BactEnergia

Field: System for biological treatment of industrial water waste.


Project name: Book in Loop

Field: Digital platform for buying and selling textbooks.


Project name: EcoInCer

Field: System for treatment, recovery and marketing of slag from the incineration of municipal solid waste.


Project name: EcoPontas & PapaChicletes

Field: Reduction and recovery project of waste cigarettes and chewing gum.


Project name: EcoBox System

Field: Real-time monitoring system of waste containers.


Project name: TYOOLIP

Field: Production of shoes with thermoplastic components only.



Project name: MOBILE-PRO-U

Field: Integrated system based on a mobile unit for glass packaging recovery from municipal waste.


Project name: ECOEMB

Field: Sustainable development of biodegradable films from agro-industrial waste for the production of environmentally friendly bags.


Project name: online Recyclables

Field: Real-time monitoring system of recyclable municipal waste, using sensors for measuring weight and volume.


Project name: Bio3Plas

Field: Research to develop methods for biodegradation of plastics and understanding of biodegradation mechanisms.


Project name: Basic Waste Management

Field: Development of a computer application for the integrated management of packaging waste systems for municipal and local authorities.


Project name: Reshape IT

Field: Production of added value materials for educational purposes from resources available in municipal waste packaging plastics.

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